The meaning and symbol of lavender in dream

The purple color in the dream has meanings such as mystery, luck, and power.

I dream of purple things, but also symbolize the growth of body and mind.

I dreamed of lavender, a symbol of sweet love.

Unmarried men and women dream of lavender, heralding that they will soon find someone they like.

The married woman dreamed that her husband would send her lavender, which means that her husband is very passionate about himself and the husband and wife are very close.

The pregnant woman dreamed of lavender, which meant that the expectant mother would have a cute and smart daughter.

I dreamed that the lavender was dying, which indicated that the relationship would change, and that it might break up or divorce.

I dreamed that picking lavender, meaning happiness, is a great dream, which indicates that your feelings will be happy and sweet.

I dreamed of seeing a large lavender field. This is a very romantic thing in real life, which shows that you are a romantic person and you and your other half will live a very happy life.

I dreamed of giving lavender to others, which shows that you are a helpful person, it also symbolizes that you have many friends, strong interpersonal skills, and will get a lot of help from friends.

I dreamed that my home was full of lavender. This is a sign that something good has happened in my home recently! Mostly it means there is a chance to make money!