Dream Case Study of Apple

Dreaming of apples usually symbolizes success, longevity, and auspiciousness.

If the apple can clearly feel the fullness and sweetness of the apple, it also indicates wealth. On the other hand, it also symbolizes the nostalgia for the lost innocent time.

If you dream of eating apples, it means that you want to try something, and you also have a desire to acquire knowledge in your heart.

I dreamed of eating a red apple, indicating that my desire may be realized.

I dreamed that many ripe apples were piled in baskets or on the table, which meant that there would be some fortune, and there would be unexpected fortunes, such as winning lottery tickets.

A married woman dreams of a ripe apple, indicating her pregnancy.

I dream of raw green apples or rotten apples, reminding you to beware of financial damage, illness, or trouble at home.

I dreamed of picking apples, indicating a bumper harvest, you will be promoted, or the business will be smooth and profitable.

The patient dreamed of eating an apple, indicating that the danger period had passed.

I dreamed of stealing an apple, suggesting an immoral sexual relationship, or a desire to cheat or incest.