The meaning and symbol of earthquake cloud in dreams

Dreaming of the meaning of the earthquake cloud, dreaming of the earthquake cloud with realistic effects and reactions, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream cloud cloud that helps you organize below.

Dreaming of the earthquake cloud may be because of frequent earthquakes that occur frequently, and you are also worried. In addition, it may be that your emotions are suppressed. For example, deep in your heart and passion, you are very urgent to look forward to the vent of desire. Or the depression of a secret desire in your heart, you may have realized that this wish has the danger of swallowing or destroying your life, so it has been restrained in rationality. It may also indicate the creativity you cannot release.

Dreaming of “Earthquake Cloud” shows that you care about this matter, worry about the earthquake, think about it, and dream at night.

Dreaming of “earthquake cloud” shows that you care about this and worry about the occurrence of earthquakes.

Dreaming that the sky was suddenly cloudy, indicating that there was a shadow in health. Especially pay attention to the diseases of the digestive system. Don’t eat snacks such as burgers and red bean soup on the way home.

Dreaming of taking a roller coaster is whether you are satisfied with your desire for sex. If you are scared when you are sitting in your dream, it means that your relationship with your lover is rushing over. You are satisfied with sex.

Dreaming of the gray -black cloud is implying that you are better not to take some major actions recently, otherwise you will only have nothing to work, and you will also add a lot of trouble. In addition, you must pay attention to suffering from a small cold.

Dreaming of colorful clouds is a very auspicious dream, indicating that you will have a long period of time, and work will be very smooth at work. If it is a businessman, you will definitely have a chance to get rich as long as you operate carefully.