The meaning and symbol of darkness in dreams

Dreaming of the dark meaning, dreaming of realistic impact and response, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the darkness of the darkness.

Dreaming of darkness means that the fortune in love is low, and there are some small gaps with the other half, and everything will be better after solving.

A woman dreams of darkness and symbolizes travel.

Unmarried people dream of explaining darkness, and sincerity will be successful recently.

The old man dreamed of darkness, but his luck was stagnant in the near future, difficulties and difficulties. He lacked decisiveness, hesitated, often misunderstood, and he had not clarified in the future.

If you dream of day and night, it represents the inevitable changes and cycles. Sometimes, dreams also suggest one thing or one aspect that must be planned from time.

Psychological analysis: A dream often arouses people’s attention to the two opposite states. The difference between the day of the night plays a similar role.

Symbol of spiritual: At the spiritual level, the day and night in the dream show two contradictions that can also constitute a unified body and have not been separated.

Dreaming of night is a bad dream and disappointment. If you dream that you are shrouded in the night, it means that your career has not been smooth in the past period, so your wishes cannot be realized for the time being;

If you dream that the night of the night is particularly low and the sky is particularly dark, it indicates that you will do an unrealistic adventure for this hope, and it will disappoint you.