The meaning and symbolism of being gloomy in a dream

The meaning of dreaming gloomy, dreaming gloomy has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the gloomy dream organized for you below.

Dreaming that the sky is gloomy means that you are in a bad mood. Maybe you will want to use clever tricks to do some tricks, but usually the result of spoofing will be worse. This is a fierce dream.

Dreaming that the sky is suddenly covered with dark clouds indicates that there is a shadow in health. Special attention should be paid to diseases of the digestive system. Stop eating snacks like hamburgers and red bean soup on the way home.

Dreaming of dark clouds is an ominous omen, indicating that there will be diseases nearby.

Dreaming that the sky is covered with dark clouds and heavy rain indicates that the career will encounter obstacles. Dreaming of violent storms indicates that the work you are engaged in will have a good income.

Dreaming of dark clouds pressing down on the ground, if the dark clouds in the dream are pressing down on the ground, it is a hint that you should leave the current place quickly, otherwise you will suffer from a terrible infectious disease.

To dream of dark clouds rising on the plain indicates a sign of too strong self-advocacy. Be careful not to be ostracized by your friends because of this, and especially pay attention to your words and deeds.

Men dream of dark weather, and there is an opportunity to take the initiative to attack!

A woman dreams of gloomy weather, and a small talent can make you a small profit!

Pregnant women dream of gloomy weather, a calm day, happiness is like a flowing stream, you can form a good interaction with others without thinking about it in these two days.

Dreaming of gloomy weather, a day when the fortune is quite flat, but there are several small climaxes in the mood.

To dream of a cloudy sky indicates an ominous sign, and you will receive bad news in your life.

A patient dreams of a cloudy sky indicates that his condition is not getting better.

A prisoner dreams of a cloudy sky indicates that he will not be free in the near future.

A businessman dreams of a cloudy day indicates that his business will lose money.