The meaning and symbol of hot air in dreams

Dreaming about wind means, dreaming about wind has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about wind below to help you sort out.

A married woman dreamed of a cold wind, indicating that her body was trembling with cold, and she would soon be invited back to her natal home.

Dreaming of a damp wind indicates that there will be distinguished guests coming to the door.

A married woman dreams of damp wind, which indicates that she will be pregnant soon.

Dreaming of gusts of hot wind indicates that you are going to be sick.

Dreaming of a bitter cold wind indicates that it will invade the muscles and bones, and there will be good news soon.

Dreaming of hot air means that a cold is caused by this uneven temperature. Anyone is afraid that they will get a little sick in this uneven temperature. The alternating hot and cold wind here indicates that people are in a fierce spiritual struggle.

You may have a dilemma in your life or work. Both choices and abandonment will make you lose something, but in any case, it is better to make the first choice to avoid the last two being missing and regret it. . Therefore, if you do not make a decision in time, I am afraid that you will really have a big “cold” by then! You should also pay more attention to your health.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The wind appears in the dream, symbolizing reason. The meaning of this dream mainly depends on the wind. For example, the gentle breeze gives people a relaxed and happy feeling. An imagination or a plan will stimulate your initiative. A storm may represent a principle that you enthusiastically support, and the north wind symbolizes a threat to your safety.

Psychoanalysis: At the psychological level, wind blowing represents a new and deeper level of consciousness. In the “Bible”, the gods come in the form of roaring winds. Gale can also symbolize God’s revelation in dreams.

Spiritual symbol: The wind is blowing, which symbolizes the movement of spiritual power and life in dreams.