The meaning and symbolism of fire in the mountains in dreams

People in ancient times discovered the existence of fire and used fire to drive away poisonous insects and beasts. Fire was sacred to them at that time. Fire can bring warmth to people, and people who are passionate like fire can always bring warmth to others. However, in the dry season, a small spark will often cause a fire, which will always bring great losses to people. Even a small cigarette butt in the home can cause a fire. Such a situation is very scary. So fire has two sides. Sometimes, there will be fire scenes in our dreams, so is this a good thing or a bad thing?

The meaning of dreaming of a fire in the mountains, dreaming of a fire in the mountains has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of a fire in the mountains organized for you below.

To dream of a fire in the mountains indicates that you will prevent disputes and troubles in the day.

Dreaming of the scene of a fire, from the perspective of Duke Zhou, is an auspicious omen. In your subconscious, your recent emotions are very excited. It may be full of passion for life, but it may also be a manifestation of inner irritability. This dream is in It implies that many good things will happen to you in the near future, you may make a fortune, you may meet noble people in your life, and you may seize an opportunity in your career to achieve a great career, dreaming of fire is to tell you that you are about to embark on the path of prosperity.

If you dream that your home is on fire, at this time you have to judge the quality of the dream according to your mood in the dream. If your mood is relaxed, it means that you are about to start a new life , If the emotion in your dream is fear, the dream is suggesting that you are about to lose something. Fire often symbolizes change. The power of fire is uncontrollable, which means that your future life will develop in a certain direction. As for the specific direction, it has to be decided by you in reality, so don’t worry too much. , destiny is in your own hands after all.

If you dream that your store is on fire, it is an auspicious omen. Fire represents prosperity, symbolizing that the business in your store will be better and better in the future, loyal customers will become more and more, and new customers will also Gradually, the popularity of your store will increase greatly.

If you dream that your school is on fire, it does not imply that you hate the school very much, and you subconsciously hope that the school will be destroyed. Dreaming that your school is on fire often means that you will achieve excellent grades in the near future, and you have paid for it in your studies. The hard work pays off in the near future, and your studies begin to trend upward.

If you are an entrepreneur, you dream of a fire during the startup period, which is an auspicious omen. It indicates that you will be lucky in the near future. Although the income growth is relatively slow, it will always increase gradually, and in the near future The growth rate will be very large, but you must pay attention to saving, do not waste money at will, otherwise it will often bring trouble to your own.