The meaning and symbol of big water in dreams

Dreaming about the meaning of big water, dreaming of big water has realistic effects and reactions, and also has the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about big water below to help you sort out.

The flood of water is a kind of foretelling the fortune of wealth, and it is a good omen.

But dreaming of a rare flood indicates that the enemy will counterattack.

A married woman dreamed of flooding, indicating that she would endure the torture of uterine disease.

A male elderly dream of flooding indicates that he will pass away peacefully.

An unmarried girl dreamed of flooding, indicating that her parents would agree to marry her sweetheart.

When a man dreams of a major flood, people you don’t want to see may come to visit or suddenly appear in front of you in the past two days, which will make you a little big head. In addition, it is best not to provoke big sister-like women easily in these two days, which is a lot of trouble.

A woman dreamed of a major flood. In these two days, you have to be careful about the loss of your belongings due to forgetting things, and you must put away your valuables. In addition, there seems to be more and more extra expenditures today, so you have to pay close attention to your wallet and don’t let yourself become the king of wealth. Many of the money that seems to be necessary to spend may be considered unnecessary expenses after serious thinking!

A pregnant woman dreamed of a major flood, the place where she went for the first time, and the person she met for the first time were the keys to luck in these two days. Therefore, the best place to meet with others in the past two days is the place you feel very interested to go to. In addition, the refreshing drink is quite effective for you in the past two days. Drink it when you feel tired and mentally weak. Even if it is only a psychological effect, it still has the effect of raising you to some extent.

Dreaming of floods means that the enemy will fight back. A married woman dreams of a flood, she wants to endure the torment of uterine disease. If an unmarried woman dreams of a flood, her parents will allow her to marry her sweetheart. An elderly man dreams of a flood will leave the world peacefully.

dream of a major flood, if you are single, she will bring you a romantic and dreamy love. If you are in love, she will try to help you increase the relationship between two people. In addition, I suggest you pay attention to your sense of security. If there are major changes in your career, your family will be your backing.