The meaning and symbol of spring dreams and making love in dreams

Dreaming about the meaning of spring dreams and making love, dreaming of spring dreams and making love, has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of spring dreams and making love below to help you sort out.

Dreaming is something that every one of us often encounters. Sometimes the body is tired and dreaming, sometimes the brain is too excited, and the brain will also dream. There are many reasons for dreaming, and most dreams are These netizens should know the normal reaction of the body. But sometimes when you are calm, a dream suddenly appears. This may be a sign of some kind of harbinger of the future. These need your special attention. The following is an analysis of Chunmeng.

Everyone has a spring dream. Dreaming of having sex with different people in different scenes represents a variety of meanings. Try to recall the spring dreams you have had, and you can find out your inner thoughts.

A. Sexual fantasies of having sex with strange women

If the person you have sex with in the dream is not your wife or girlfriend, you don’t need to be guilty first; the dream just reflects your sexual fantasies. In real life, you are indeed a good man who is safe and guarded.

B. Have sex with an unbeautiful woman to appreciate the inner beauty

This is the subconscious mind telling you that you have discovered her advantages in your heart, and you are not in love with her because of her beautiful appearance. Young men often dream about women who are not beautiful, but as they grow older and mature, such dreams will disappear.

C, having sex with the same sex and tension between the opposite sex

Such dreams about homosexuality do not mean that you have a tendency to be gay, but a kind of psychological comfort to men, which means that you have recently had a strained relationship with the opposite sex, and the same sex can best understand your own thoughts and feelings.

D. Incest in a dream requires comfort from relatives

This is not an unconventional weird dream, and it also reflects the tension between men and women, or the anxiety when encountering difficulties in the relationship; you are expecting family members to recognize and comfort you, but in the dream it turns into sex scene.

E. Having sex with an old lover, longing for love

Single men and women dream about their old lovers, which means they are eager for love. When a friend in love dreams of an old lover, the old love may rekindle. A friend who has a partner dreams of being in love with an old lover indicates that he is not very satisfied with his current lover and wants to go back to the past.