The meaning and symbol of family in dreams

The meaning of family dreams, family dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the family dreams below to help you organize them.

Dreaming of the whole family being together usually means that you miss a comfortable and happy childhood.

To dream that you are looking at your family from a distance, but you are standing on the other side, implies that you are emotionally estranged from your family.

Dreaming of a big family is a sign of wealth.

To dream of a small family, the income will gradually decrease.

Dreaming that the enemy’s population is growing means that the enemy’s power has become stronger.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: The first impression of the concept of family is that it is completely safe, capable of reproducing offspring, and full of children and grandchildren. Generally speaking, if the child cannot inherit the influence, the above-mentioned family pattern will be destroyed. Through dreams, people try to correct the pattern again, or to confirm the scene of destruction. Dreams may involve disputes with a family member, but dream interpretation involves more than dreams. There are also reasons for your actual relationship with that person. The future relationship of the family is affected by the addition of family members.

Psychological analysis: People strive for their own personality development and fulfillment, which causes some contradictions and conflicts, which are common things in family relationships. Of course, this is not essential for every family. In dreams, people “play around” the game pictures of family members to show the difficulties they are facing without harming any of them. There is also a noteworthy fact here. If a member of this family is dedicated to interpreting dreams, he will have a profound influence on other members of the family, affecting their activities and subconscious understanding. The various problems that a person can encounter in his life are almost without exception reflected in the family. During the time when you encounter huge burdens, you often dream about the problems and difficulties of your family in the past.

Spiritual symbol: From this perspective, the family, from its smallest social organization, means a spiritual triangle, or generally a group, in which you feel very safe. Because family relationships are very important, the dreams of family members are of special significance. For example, typical dream topics are as follows.