The meaning and symbol of being scolded in dreams

The meaning of the dream of being scolded, the dream of being scolded has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of being scolded for you to sort out below.

To dream of being scolded means that there is a dispute. Insulting is a kind of reproach, it is to use rough language to abuse, usually the person who is scolded will be wrong.

Dreaming of being insulted by someone means that there is a conflict with the other party, and it is likely to be caused by your own mistakes. Being scolded in the dream implies that you may have disputes with others, or it may be a manifestation of yourself not confident. Of course, if you have been wronged in reality, have quarreled with others, been scolded, etc., and have left a deep impression in your brain, then being scolded in your dreams may be a reproduction of your reality.

To dream of being scolded is very sad, and those who are sad are blessed. Sadness is a kind of commitment. It implies that you have the courage to bear and your life will not be crushed by anything. So in your dream, being sad is a kind of happiness.

Dreaming of being scolded continuously means that you are dissatisfied with yourself, always demanding high standards, being strict with yourself, and aiming to improve yourself.

Dreaming that you are being scolded with a bloody head means that you may have offended others in your daily life, or you have done wrong things and you are sorry for others but never admit it. There is a sense of guilt and shame hidden in your subconscious mind, so you will dream In the situation of being scolded by others, I hope to relieve and balance my sense of guilt and shame by letting others scold myself so badly. Therefore, I dreamed that the worse I was scolded, the happier my heart would be. One possibility is to imply that you really want to get acquainted with someone or get acquainted, but there is no way in reality, so you will use this dream to express this purpose.

Dreaming that you are scolded by a beautiful woman implies that you usually feel that you are not beautiful enough, whether you are internally or externally, you may be unconfident. It also shows your experience and thinking in terms of self-confidence and self-ability.

Unmarried men and women dream of being scolded by someone you have a crush on, indicating that you want to get the attention of the person you like and let the other person know what you want, but you are not confident, not sure that the other person will like yourself, very eager but contradictory The psychology reminds you that happiness often needs to be held in your own hands. As long as you dare to take the first step confidently, you may be able to grasp happiness in an instant.

Married men and women dream of being scolded by your lover, which indicates that in reality your lover demands too much of yourself and expects higher, so when your performance makes your lover dissatisfied, your lover has indeed been dissatisfied and scolded yourself. In the case of circumstance, you may bring these reflections into your dreams. This is also a reappearance of life fragments. It is estimated that you have recently felt that your performance has not reached the expectations of your lover, and you may be scolded. If your lover is really often Scolding you means that you want to get more tenderness and care from your lover, and hope to get more understanding and consideration.

In addition, dreaming of being scolded by your lover can also be regarded as a hint of your self-examination. It can be seen as your self-blame and uneasiness. If you feel at ease and feel that you have worked hard and have done very well, then you will not Dreaming of this is because you are not doing well in reality, so dreaming of your lover scolding yourself actually means that you are dissatisfied with yourself.

Dreaming of being scolded by your parents implies that your parents love yourself very much. Parents usually give all their love to their children, hoping that their children will have a future, prosper, and make great achievements. Parents will hope that their children will become dragons and their daughters will become phoenixes. The requirements for children are relatively strict, and they are expected to develop according to their own wishes and planned routes, but this will actually increase the pressure on you invisibly. Although deep down in my heart, I also hope to meet the wishes of my parents, but For various reasons, you have not yet met your parents’ expectations. You usually care about your parents’ opinions of yourself, and you care about them over time. You clearly feel that your current situation is not very optimistic. If you don’t solve it in time, you will be under pressure. It will be heavier.

Or it may imply that you and your parents are two generations, and your views on certain things will be different from your parents, and sometimes even completely opposite. But you also care about your parents’ feelings and are afraid of disputes with your parents’ remarks. Relaxing your mind to face this generation gap is actually nothing. As long as you learn to communicate with your parents, parents all over the world love their children and be considerate of them.

Dreaming of being scolded by your boss, usually newcomers in the workplace have this dream, because they are not familiar with everything when they arrive at a new job position, they may also make mistakes at work, and encounter various challenges, remind you that you must Persevere, everything needs to have an adaptation process, you need to play to your strengths, study business knowledge hard, and usually reflect on your shortcomings and your own shortcomings, think calmly, and increase your confidence, and you will inevitably become a master in the workplace in the future.

To dream of being scolded to cry by your boss implies that you care about the work you are currently doing, that you want to prove yourself, improve your performance, and expect to be appreciated by others. It reminds you that a hardworking attitude is the foundation.

Dreaming of being scolded by the leader implies that you may indeed not meet the requirements of the leader in some places. It is a kind of worry, or it may imply that you want to show yourself in front of the leader, let the leader appreciate and reuse yourself.

Dreaming of being scolded by a teacher implies that you may be learning a certain knowledge, a certain skill, or business knowledge recently, and you have encountered a bottleneck, or it may be due to mental slack, not reaching the level of your expectations, or talking with customers The cooperation has no results for the time being. Anyway, there is some dissatisfaction with myself. The teacher teaches skills. As long as it involves learning, when I have not fully mastered a certain skill, I will naturally dream of being scolded by the teacher.