The meaning and symbol of torture in dreams

The meaning of torture dreams, torture dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanations of torture dreams organized for you below.

Torture is often a cruel method used for interrogation and persecution. In dreams, torture more represents a kind of tolerance and perseverance in one’s heart, but also represents a kind of fear and compulsion in one’s heart.

To dream of others being tortured but still unyielding indicates that you will be disappointed because of the poor handling of interpersonal relationships.

To dream that you are torturing others and have forced others to submit to yourself, indicating that you can be recognized by your peers.

To dream of being tortured but not surrendering indicates that you will be suppressed by your superiors.

Dreaming that you have been tortured and succumbed to life will improve a little.

Dreaming of others being tortured and asking them what they shouldn’t ask makes the scene awkward! You have become a little ignorant of current affairs because of your active thinking lately.

Dreaming that someone is being tortured and being referred by relatives and friends will bring you new opportunities. Friends in business should pay particular attention to this. Recently, it is a good practice to move more among relatives.