The meaning and symbol of my friend’s death in the dream

The meaning of your friend’s death dream, your friend’s death dream has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of your friend’s death dream that is organized for you below.

To dream that your girlfriend is dead. This dream shows that you love your girlfriend very much. It is the kind of love from the heart~ Either you care about her too much, or she has some places that make you worry and relax you Feel more concerned about yourself.

To dream that your good friend is dead indicates your “worry” and “missing” psychology. If a good friend hasn’t been in contact for a long time, this represents my “missing” psychology, so I might as well call him now. If your close friend dies, it represents your “worry” psychology. Maybe some of the things your friend has recently experienced have encountered great difficulties. The death in your dream also represents rebirth. Through this difficult period, just There will be new students, which means that the lives and careers of friends will be taken to a higher level.

Dreaming that your best friend is dead, according to many old people, dreaming of someone dying means that the person will live longer, so don’t worry.

Dreaming that your boyfriend is dead indicates that you are very afraid of losing. Because you care too much about your boyfriend, your boyfriend occupies more than half of your thoughts, which will cause you to unconsciously worry about your boyfriend. The expression of worry is to miss, and the performance of missing is to worry. This is because worry is what The nerves are dumb, so you dream about the death of your boyfriend.