The meaning and symbol of being molested in a dream

The meaning of molested dreams, molested dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the molested dreams to help you sort out below.

In terms of the projection of the female archetype. If the content of the dream is very pornographic, it means that she just reflects the sexual desire suppressed by you in reality, or you project your inner female archetype onto her.

This dream implies that you should start getting along well with your “female archetype” instead of busy building relationships with ordinary women.

Dreaming of being molested indicates that you are unwilling to be lonely and that your troubles will be resolved.

A girl dreams of being molested by a stranger, she will be jailed, in a miserable situation, and will lose the help of family and friends at critical moments.

When a man dreams of molesting with a woman, everything will be unsatisfactory.

To dream of flirting with others indicates that your life is going well, you are very popular in interpersonal relationships, and your career is successful.

Dreaming that you are being molested by others unkindly, and feeling disgusted in your heart, implies that there may be conflicts in the family.