The meaning and symbol of the knife in the head in the dream

The meaning of the dream of inserting a knife on the head, the dream of inserting a knife on the head has a realistic impact and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of inserting a knife on the head below to help you organize it.

To dream of inserting a knife on the head, a red light will turn on in terms of health, and you must pay special attention to diseases of the respiratory system.

Candidates dream of sticking a knife on their head, indicating that they have good exam results.

To dream of holding a knife, if you simply hold a knife, it reflects that the dreamer has a sense of insecurity and alertness;

To dream of killing your friend with a knife, you will get help from your friend at a critical moment;

Dreaming of killing someone with a knife is usually seen in the dreams of young men, and the scenes of the dream scenes are likely to be related to the violent movies and televisions you have watched, making your dreams look particularly real;

To dream of slashing others with a knife means that the dreamer has a tendency to violent or desires to vent. In fact, it also implies that the dreamer has a very strong sense of defense and does not allow others to bully you. It can also be seen that you have a deep grievance in your heart. This may be that troublesome things have been piled up together, so that you can’t stretch, and want to find a chance to vent, so the dream maps everything out;

To dream of others slashing yourself with a knife means that you are afraid that others will use violence against yourself;

To dream of committing suicide by yourself with a knife or some kind of sharp weapon, or slashing yourself all the time, blood is flowing out, but there is no feeling of fear or pain. This is a good dream, which means that your good fortune is about to come;

Dreaming of slashing someone with a knife means that your wallet will be lost. If you can break a little money, your future work and life will be smoother. It is the so-called financial loss and disaster elimination, and there is nothing wrong;

To dream of an enemy holding a razor to kill others means that you will get rewards from your friends.