The meaning and symbol of mourning in dreams

The meaning of mourning dreams, mourning dreams has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of mourning dreams below to help you sort out.

Someone planning something in reality has triggered some feelings about your “mourning.” Your emotion is a kind of thinking about life, a kind of cherishment for the dead, etc. For example, one of your relatives is old or sick, and some similar times in life will come to your mind at this time. In reality, Rini should be afraid of losing something. When you think of losing, you will feel something lacking in your heart, and you will feel a sense of emptiness.

In addition, dreaming of sending a funeral will bring good luck.

Dreaming that someone is going to send a funeral is usually due to wealth or official transport.

Dreaming of a funeral indicates that you will run out of money or lose your fortune, or it may be a sign of illness and imprisonment.

Dreaming of a burial indicates that there will be a loss of wealth.

To dream of a funeral in a funeral indicates that your fortune will continue to rise.

Hearing the cry of the funeral in the dream indicates that there will be good news in your life.

To dream of attending the funeral of a loved one indicates that everything will go as you wish.

To dream of attending a funeral to pay tribute to the deceased or to remember the deceased, which means that you will become pregnant or some of your close relatives will give birth to a child.

To dream of your own funeral after your death is a lucky one.

I heard the cry of the funeral in my dream, and there was good news.