The meaning and symbol of punishment in dreams

The meaning of punishment dreams. Punishment dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of punishment dreams for you below.

A married man dreams that he has been punished, indicating that you will be successful, fame and fortune. But if you dream of accepting punishment in your work unit, it indicates that you may lose the support of your friends. Pay attention to dealing with the relationship with old friends.

To dream of your wife being punished implies that you will inherit the property of your parents.

Dreaming of punishing your wife indicates that you love your wife and your family is happy. You will love your wife even more.

The wife dreamed that she was punished, indicating that she would have conflicts and quarrels with her husband.

A pregnant wife dreams of her husband being punished, it implies that you may want to give birth to a girl.

To dream of being sentenced to death indicates that the hardship is about to end and the hard days are about to pass.

Dreaming that you have committed a serious mistake or committed a serious crime without being punished indicates that you will be loved and trusted by everyone.

Dreaming that you have committed a minor mistake but have been severely punished or sentenced to a severe sentence implies that you will entrust a heavy responsibility and assume responsibility, and your official career will be prosperous.

To dream of a friend being punished or sentenced indicates that you may face great danger. Be vigilant and cautious.

To dream of punishing relatives and friends indicates that there will be discord in the family.

Dreaming of punishing subordinates indicates that you will suffer losses.

Dreaming of the enemy being punished indicates that you will defeat your opponent.

The accused dreamed of accepting punishment, it indicates that you will win the lawsuit or the accusation will be dropped.