What does quarrel mean and symbolize in dreams?

Fighting The meaning of quarreling dreams, beatings. Fighting dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of beatings and quarrel dreams that help you sort out below.

Beating a child in a dream indicates that the child will be very filial.

Beating his wife in a dream indicates that the relationship between husband and wife will be very sweet.

Fighting with neighbors in the dream will make the two families feel safe and sound.

If you fight with people in your dream, your interpersonal relationship will be handled well.

Fighting with brother in the dream, brotherhood will be very harmonious.

If you quarrel with your husband in your dream, your relationship will be very sweet.

The husband quarrels with his lover in the dream, which indicates that life will be happy.

If you quarrel with your relatives in your dream, your family will be very harmonious.

Quarrel with friends in the dream, you will lose the help of friends in times of crisis.

Fighting with the enemy in the dream can conquer the enemy.

Staff members who quarrel with their bosses in their dreams will be promoted or paid.

Hit someone with shoes in the dream, and the position will be promoted.

Beating someone with a cane in a dream will make you notorious.