The meaning and symbol of prickly heat in dreams

The meaning of prickly heat dreams, prickly heat dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of prickly heat dreams to help you organize below.

Prickly heat is a skin disease characterized by poor sweating, needle-sized rashes or small blisters on the skin, and burning and itching. In dreams, prickly heat often represents depression in the heart.

Adults dream of having a lot of prickly heat on their body, indicating that they will encounter a lot of troubles recently and will get sick from them.

The old man dreamed that a lot of prickly heat appeared on his body, indicating that he would be critically ill.

Unmarried women dream of having prickly heat on their bodies, indicating that they will be favored by the opposite sex.

Dreaming of curing prickly heat indicates that you are prone to conflict with others.

To dream of prickly heat in a child means that you will hit a wall everywhere because you offend the villain.

Dreaming of prickly heat, the body gradually feels unbearable, and the question of how to choose between a healthy and stable life and a busy and enterprising career will come to your mind again. I will make a slight adjustment today, at least I have a general plan in my mind, and I am also looking forward to the coming of the next working week, and I look forward to seeing whether this plan can be implemented smoothly.