The meaning and symbol of broken leg in dreams

The meaning of broken leg dreams, broken leg dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of broken leg dreams to help you organize.

Legs are necessary for people to walk. Without legs, a person’s mobility will become worse. In the dream, a broken leg represents an obstacle to one’s own affairs.

Dreaming of a broken leg means that you and your child will be sick.

Dreaming of breaking your leg means that you must prevent the villain from being framed during work.

To dream of breaking your leg indicates that you will be framed by the villain and you will suffer a loss.

To dream of someone breaking their leg indicates that you will suffer losses due to your improper behavior.

A woman dreams of a broken leg indicates that she and her child may both be sick.

A person in love dreams of a broken leg, indicating that there is a problem in communication between you. You pay more attention to the spiritual resonance with the other party, and you have a tendency to pursue platonic relationships. The boundary between friendship and love becomes blurred, but the other party does not Think so.