The meaning and symbol of being gagged in a dream

The meaning of a blocked mouth dream, a blocked mouth dream has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the blocked mouth dream below to help you sort out.

If your mouth is blocked, you can’t shout, which means you can’t speak out.

A man dreamed that his mouth was blocked, indicating that he would be attacked and seriously injured.

A woman dreams of her mouth being blocked indicates that she will be raped.

If you dream of blocking the mouths of others, you can make the enemy difficult to tell, indicating that you will conquer the enemy.

Dreaming of your own mouth indicates that you will get love.

To dream that your mouth becomes bigger, indicates that the economy will suffer losses.

To dream of filling your mouth with food indicates that you will be rich.

Dreaming of eating something hot and scalding your mouth indicates that you will be seriously ill.

Dreaming of red lips indicates good health and indicates a prosperous life.

Dreaming of white or yellow lips indicates weakness and sickness.

A man dreams of a woman with red lips indicates that he may be deceived by a woman.

A man dreams of a woman with white lips indicates that his wife or friends will be loyal to him.

Dreaming of a woman with black lips indicates hard work, exhaustion, or illness.

Dreaming that you have thick lips indicates that you are unable to resist the person who abuses you.

Dreaming of a woman with very thin lips indicates that you will get love.

Dreaming of a tumor in your mouth, your family fortune will decline. For your hairstyle, you and your parents will have a disagreement. Overly unconventional hairstyles, it is best to avoid, otherwise it will be bitter.

Dreaming of running out of water means good luck in terms of money. Maybe you can get a red envelope by accident; or have extra income. Wait patiently!

Dreaming that the tongue stretches out longer and longer, it seems that there is a mental problem. Because the emotional ups and downs are too intense, the small things in sesame can also make you happy and worried.