The meaning and symbol of heart disease in dreams

The meaning of heart disease dreams, heart disease dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the heart disease dreams to help you sort out below.

A man dreams that he has a heart attack and an abnormal heartbeat means that the dreamer’s life rhythm is disrupted, bad things are about to happen, or he is fired by the company, or is sick in bed, or his business is damaged.

A woman dreams that she has a heart attack and an abnormal heartbeat. The family is everything a woman lives, which means her family will be harassed and might be patronized by thieves.

To dream of counting the number of heartbeats means that the dreamer is tempting the rhythm of life, indicating that for desire and satisfaction, the dreamer wants to reach the limit of his physical ability, which is usually interpreted as life debauchery.

To dream of putting your hands on your heart means that the dreamer is trying to protect his life.

To dream that oneself or a loved one died of heart disease means that the rhythm of the dreamer’s life slows down, life changes and emotional fluctuations will be reduced, and the person who died in the dream will live longer and support life.

Dreaming that the heart was stabbed by a sharp knife means that the dreamer may be sick, and reminds the dreamer that he should go to the hospital for examination.

The following is the psychological explanation of dreaming about heart disease:

The heart, as the main organ of the body, is the engine of life. The rhythm of the heartbeat symbolizes the rhythm of life. When a heartbeat appears in a dream or when you dream that you have a heart disease, it is mostly because of a problem with the rhythm of life, bad days are coming, you will be fired or you will be bedridden and your business will be damaged.

Case analysis of dreaming about heart disease

Dream description: A very close person in the dream walked towards me slowly, and when he was about to walk with me, he suddenly fell down one by one, he died, died of a heart attack… (Female, 18 years old) )

Dream analysis: On the surface, this is a very bad dream. I dreamt that my loved one died. However, using Freud’s dream theory to explain, here is exactly the inversion of a dream. Here not only does not mean the death of a loved one, but it means that the loved one will live a long life. The heart is a very fragile organ. If you dream of your heart beating abnormally, at least one small unfortunate day will come. If you dream that your heart stops beating, it is not happiness, but a disaster.