The meaning and symbol of illness in dreams

The meaning of sick dreams, sick dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanations of sick dreams organized for you below.

According to traditional Chinese dream interpretation, dreaming of illness indicates good health, and it is usually a good sign.

To dream that you are sick indicates that you are healthy and live well.

A woman dreams that she is ill, which usually symbolizes pregnancy.

When a girl dreams of being sick, it symbolizes a broken love.

A young man dreams of getting sick is a sign of introspection or increased psychological burden, indicating that he will marry a beautiful wife.

The student dreamed that he was ill, which is to urge the student to hurry up and study, otherwise his grades will decline.

If the husband dreams that his wife is ill, it may imply that the family will encounter misfortune, or life pressure will increase, and life will be in trouble.

The wife dreamed that her husband was sick, indicating that the husband would live a long life.

Dreaming that a friend is sick indicates that you may lose your friend’s help.

The patient dreamed that he was sick, indicating that his condition would get better and his psychological burden would be reduced.

When a prisoner dreams that he is sick, it often symbolizes commutation or release from prison.