Lack of the meaning and symbol of medicine in dreams

The meaning of the lack of drug dreams, the lack of drug dreams have realistic effects and reactions, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the lack of drug dreams to help you sort out below.

I feel that something is missing in my dreams, and life often expresses prosperity.

Dreaming of lack of water sometimes indicates that you will have your own pool in your life.

Dreaming of lack of clothing and food usually means that you are rich and you will have a lot of money to buy food and clothes.

If you dream of a friend or other person because of lack of something and make you feel very inconvenient in your dream, it indicates that you will soon try to own these things in your life.

A businessman dreams of a lack of commodities indicates that his business will grow bigger and bigger and his financial resources will increase.

The patient dreams of less medicine, or simply stops the medicine, this dream indicates that the body will recover soon.

To dream that the enemy lacks something, you must be vigilant, indicating that the enemy is strong, and you may encounter setbacks and disasters.

Dreaming of a friend or other person lacking something is extremely inconvenient, and you can get these things soon.