The meaning and symbol of taking a cold bath in dreams

The meaning of the dream of taking a cold water bath. The dream of taking a cold water bath has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the cold water bath dream organized for you below.

Washing your hair with cold water or taking a cold bath in a dream usually indicates that you are going to be sick.

Often soaking myself in cold water in dreams is a hint of cold body and hidden diseases. This kind of dream embodies not only the hiding of hidden diseases, but also a sense of lack of support. It is a manifestation of the soul cannot find a sense of security, and cannot find the warm power derived from the soul.

Taking a bath in a dream, on the one hand, means that you want to be naked and long for a pleasant sexual experience; or you want to purify your mind, completely change your life in front of you, and bring about a turning point in your life. On the other hand, it may also indicate disease.

A man taking a bath in a dream indicates good health and also implies the urge to ejaculate. In psychoanalysis, it is called a typical “venting dream”. This is a very common dream among young boys.

A woman’s dream of taking a bath on her own also implies her desire for sex in her heart.

A pregnant woman takes a bath in her dream, which reminds the dreamer of an unexpected event;

The widow takes a bath in her dream, indicating that she wants to forget her ex-husband’s wish;

The dream of a married woman taking a bath in a bathtub or bath room also implies that she may be pregnant in the near future. If an unmarried woman has such a dream, she may be worried about sex or marriage.

Dreaming of yourself taking a bath in public, or being exposed to the gaze of others while taking a bath, implies that you have something in your heart that you want to hide, and you are afraid of being discovered.

Bathing with soap in the dream implies that the dreamer is aware of his own shortcomings, hopes to make up for the shortcomings, reduce the troubles that make you unpleasant in life, and look forward to a happy and relaxed life.

A man dreams of a woman taking a bath, expressing sexual desire.

Seeing others taking a bath in a dream indicates good luck, unexpected wealth, or emotional confession.

Taking a bath with others in your dream reminds you to make friends carefully and avoid making friends carelessly.

The patient takes a shower in his dream, indicating that the body is gradually healing and will gradually become stronger again.

If you soak in a hot spring in your dream, it may imply that your health is declining or you may get sick. In the near future, you should pay special attention to diseases such as nephritis, influenza, hepatitis and irregular menstruation. Pay attention to rest and ensure adequate sleep.

Bathing in the ocean in the dream indicates that you will be famous, have good luck, and your career will enter a new stage.

I had already taken off my clothes in my dream, but I did not take a bath, suggesting that I may have some potential resistance to sex or encounter obstacles.

The sudden decrease of bath water in the dream implies the worry about weakening of sexual function.

The action of wiping the body desperately in the bath in the dream also implies the desire to release sexual desire.

Scrubbing your body vigorously in your dreams, but the stains on your body that can’t be washed off anyway, suggest that you want to remove your own moral stains or something that makes you ashamed.

If the bathtub is dirty or the water is cold in the dream, it implies that you may have an adultery with others.