The meaning and symbol of crossing the threshold in dreams

The meaning of the dream of crossing the threshold, the dream of crossing the threshold has realistic influences and reactions, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of crossing the threshold that is organized for you below.

The threshold symbolizes the relationship between a person’s inner spiritual world and the outer world.

If you will soon take on new responsibilities, this is manifested in the dream as standing on the threshold, he has just entered a new stage of life, or started another way of life. The threshold symbolizes the transition from one life stage to another, and it can be expressed through the coming-of-age ceremony.

Threshold in the dream, recently your mentality is a little detached, you don’t pay much attention to many things, and you feel like letting it go, but you will pay considerable attention to what you are interested in. In the eyes of your boss, you are a disobedient employee. At the same time, you are also relatively straightforward in speech today, and you may be appreciated by some people, but you may also be hated by some people!

Crossing the threshold in the dream implies entering a new field.

Dreaming of being carried over the threshold may symbolize the beginning of marriage or a new partner’s life.

Crossing the threshold in the dream symbolizes that you are standing on the threshold leading to a new spiritual level. He should pay special attention to all the things that happened around him at this stage.