The meaning and symbol of perm in dreams

The meaning of perm dreams, perm dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of perm dreams that help you organize below.

A perm in my dream indicates that I might quarrel with the opposite sex recently, and both parties are very unhappy.

Cutting your own hair in your dream implies that there will be problems in your home recently, there may be disasters, or family members are sick, or your relationship with your family has deteriorated.

A woman’s dream of losing or cutting her hair indicates that it may be a sign of widowhood.

Dyeing or cutting your hair in the dream means that you were almost tempted by bad guys, and your reputation was destroyed by accident. If you dream of cutting your hair, it means that you will sacrifice everything to satisfy your desires in pursuit of material life and physical enjoyment.

Cutting your hair perm in your dream means that you get along well with the opposite sex and will have a pleasant date, but you must be careful not to step on multiple boats, otherwise it will have negative effects. And dreaming of a perm indicates that you may have a fight with the opposite sex recently, and both parties are very unhappy.

Cut your hair in your dream, it means you have financial problems, unexpected expenses and friends who borrowed money and not repaying it, make you annoyed.

Asking someone to perm in the dream means that money fortune is declining. Either there was an unexpected increase in entertainment, or the money borrowed would not come back. There will be a deficit in fiscal revenues and expenditures, and I may have to turn to my mother for help.