The Meaning of waiter, attendant, steward, stew in Dreams

Dreaming of the waiter indicates that you will be warmly treated by a friend.

A waiter who dreams of poor character, temper or chaos can mean that you will reluctantly entertain friends who make you feel a little sick.

Dreaming of the waiter, on behalf of your career is developing.

Dreaming that the waiter was fired, symbolizing your love may encounter setbacks.

I dreamed that I was a waiter at the hotel. I had a good attitude in my dreams and expressed my relationship with the people around me.

The hotel waiter serves the guests and represents a helpful spirit in the dream.

I dreamed that the hotel waiter would serve myself, indicating that the dreamer’s life was too spoiled.

Dreaming of the hotel attendant in the lobby means that what you expect will take some time to achieve.