The Meaning of Vendor,pedlar in Dreams

In real life, hawkers symbolize poverty and are people who wander around for their livelihood.

Men dream of hawkers and will part ways with their friends.

Married women dream of hawkers, will be separated from the husband’s family, and do housework alone.

It is a good sign to dream of talking to hawkers, and the husband will be diligent in holding the house.

Women dream of talking to hawkers, there will be a luxuriously decorated modern home, luxurious clothing, comfortable life, everything.

Dreaming of quarreling with hawkers, strangers will lie to their property.

Dreaming of making friends with hawkers, business will improve, and make a fortune.

Dreaming that I have become a hawker, the disaster will come.

Officials dreamed that they would become hawkers, would be demoted, and finally had to resign.

The businessman dreams that he has become a hawker, the business will be depressed, and it is possible to close down.

The patient dreamed that he had become a hawker and had to suffer bad luck. Although he was treated by Western doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners, his condition still did not improve.

University teachers dreamed that they became hawkers, Xiang Zhao, will be famous in the world, and many countries in the world will invite him to give a speech.

Unemployed people dream of becoming hawkers and will receive letters of appointment from several institutions, but they are not competent.