The Meaning of giant,colossus in Dreams

Giants often symbolize the image of people with dominant colors in their childhood, such as parents, police, teachers, etc. Dreaming of a giant may imply that you seek protection in the subconscious, or that you are worried about your fear and punishment.

Dreaming that you have become a giant means that you have a sense of superiority in your heart, reminding you not to be arrogant and rashly taking risky behavior, otherwise you may suffer losses.

The giant also hinted at fame. If you dream of a giant meeting or talking about things, it implies that you will become a prestigious scholar and industry leader.

I dream that a giant suddenly appears in front of you, suggesting that there will be a desperate battle between you and your competitors.

If the giant stops your way forward, it indicates that the opponent will defeat you.

If you dream of the giant running away from you, it indicates that you will have wealth, good health and good luck.