The meaning and symbol of self-injection in dreams

The meaning of your own injection dreams, your own injection dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of your own injection dreams organized for you below.

To dream of getting injections means that you will get sick. The cause lies in lack of confidence in your health, fear of being disturbed by illness, and the more you are afraid, the easier you will lose your health.

To dream that the doctor gave yourself an injection, there will be unevenness in test scores. For example, although English scores are close to full marks, mathematics is close to duck eggs and so on. Moreover, you may be late to the exam room due to oversleeping.

When a single person dreams of a doctor giving himself an injection, the relationship becomes tense. Couples tend to quarrel with each other over some small shortcomings. It is more appropriate to leave some personal space for each other. It is better for you to care about each other silently, not suitable for confession.

Entrepreneurs dream of doctors giving themselves injections, which means that wealth is high and nobles are strong. Friends will provide you with investment information or introduce you to the opportunity to earn extra money. Substantial deposits in investment and opportunities to participate in partnership operations.

An office worker dreams of a doctor giving himself an injection, his job luck is prosperous, and his enthusiasm is quite good. Not only can he cope with all kinds of business easily, but he is also expected to step out of a new sky. Have a harmonious relationship with colleagues and won a good reputation.

To dream of a doctor giving yourself an injection will make you sick.

The patient dreams that the doctor gives himself an injection, the disease will get worse.

The prisoner dreamed that the doctor gave himself an injection, the sentence would be prolonged.

To dream of receiving injections indicates that your private space has been violated. Maybe someone imposes his views and requirements on you, but he has no choice but to accept them. To dream of injecting others means that you are the one who is forcing others. Such dreams also often express sexual meaning.

The purpose of the injection is for treatment. This type of dream indicates that you need help from the outside world. As for the effectiveness of the injection, it depends on whether you see it as a kind help or a malicious persecution.

From a spiritual perspective, receiving injections in a dream means that you are willing to accept assistance from outsiders. In addition, this dream also means that you do not consider long-term benefits for short-term joy.

Dreaming of getting sick and getting injections means that you will be sick, and dreaming about giving injections to others means that your body is in a condition and needs timely treatment.

To dream of getting sick and getting injections means that you don’t trust your own abilities very much and you are afraid of being difficult, so you need to improve your willpower and don’t avoid difficulties.

The employee dreams of getting sick and getting injections also indicates that his financial luck is sluggish, he will worry about the salary issue, and he is prone to self-doubt.

Middle-aged and elderly people dream of getting sick and getting injections, it means that their mental state tends to be irritable, they are prone to lose confidence in themselves, are easy to indulge in drugs, and they should pay attention to their physical health.

To dream of bleeding from an injection means that you will have fun in love. The best place to date is to choose quiet places, such as libraries, museums, parks at dusk, and so on.

When young people dream of bleeding from an injection, their feet are still vulnerable to injury in terms of health. In addition, excessive fatigue or excessive mood swings can easily cause heart problems.

The migrant workers dream of bleeding from injections, which means that your current job is your ideal job. You are very happy in your current job position and very motivated to work. The current field of work is exactly what you are familiar with, and your strength will be brought into full play. There is a lot of research on working methods. Because of his avant-garde thinking, he is good at reform and innovation and brings new opportunities to his career. You should use your inner peace and clarity to create new ways of working. Pay attention to the cooperative relationship with others, and you must not blindly seek success and ignore the help of others. After all, it is not so easy to succeed alone.

A single person dreams of bleeding from an injection. Recently, you have been overly impulsive towards your lover in love. You can’t keep a cool head. Don’t lose your temper without understanding the situation. Maybe the other party has some reasons. If you don’t want your relationship to come to an end now, you have to be more tolerant and listen to each other’s heart. Finding a reasonable solution to the problem is better than losing your temper. If there is no passionate relationship in the past, the relationship may develop smoothly. Maybe each other is unwilling to live so arrogantly. Facing the dull love may be the best way to break up.

To dream of giving injections to others indicates that your competitor has had a problem in one aspect recently.

To dream of giving yourself injections means that you may get sick in the near future. The cause lies in lack of confidence in your health. If you have a mentally inferior health, you are more afraid of getting sick.

To dream of someone getting an injection again indicates that you are very worried about others.

A woman dreams of giving her husband an injection means that she is trying her best to please her husband

A man dreams of giving his wife an injection. Maybe you have a distrust of your wife and are very worried that she will cheat.

If a child dreams of an injection, he may be forced to have an injection in real life and fear the restoration of consciousness in the dream.

Dreaming of getting an injection in your arm indicates that your career may have declined recently, you may be demoted or get into trouble.

Dreaming of bleeding from an injection means that your blood has been damaged for no reason, and you may fail what you have done recently.