What is the meaning and symbol of forgiveness in dreams?

The meaning of the dream of forgiveness, the dream of forgiveness has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of forgiveness below to help you organize it.

In the dream, it was not the mistake that you made, but you are trying to seek forgiveness. It indicates that your personal affairs seem to be in trouble, but in the end you will find that these encounters have promoted your progress. If you are really at fault in your dream, it means you will really encounter difficulties.

Dreaming of asking for forgiveness from others indicates that after many misfortunes, you will eventually succeed.

Asking strangers for forgiveness in a dream is a sign of sadness.

Begging his wife for forgiveness in the dream, she will be a combative woman.

The unmarried man asked his lover for forgiveness in his dream, and had to endure humiliation before getting married.

Asking the servant to forgive in the dream means that the management of the business or family property is in a mess.

Asking your boss for forgiveness in your dream will suffer people’s cold eyes.

Forgiving the enemy in the dream is a good omen and will get along with everyone in harmony.

In the prisoner’s dream, the warden forgave himself and will be released soon.