The meaning and symbol of broken leg in dreams

The meaning of broken leg dreams, broken leg dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of broken leg dreams organized for you below.

Dreaming of breaking your leg means that you must prevent the enemy from being framed by you at work.

An unmarried person dreams of a broken leg foreshadowing your love. The theme of the relationship is communication. It pays more attention to the spiritual resonance with the other party. There is a tendency to pursue a platonic relationship. The boundary between friendship and love becomes blurred.

The old man dreams of a broken leg indicates his recent fortune, tenacious and self-reliant, and cannot be overly aggressive and unreasonable. As the time comes, his luck gradually improves. Small intolerance is enough to make big plans, do not act impulsively.

Business people dream that a broken leg is a sign of recent wealth. Fortune is still going high. It is possible to obtain additional income through undisclosed channels, and it is possible to keep property for others.

If you dream of breaking your leg, you will have a prosperous fortune in the near future, and your future will be full of light and hope. To be overwhelmed is to destroy good luck, so socialize should be smooth and modest.

To dream of someone breaking their leg indicates that you will suffer losses due to your improper behavior. To dream of breaking your leg indicates that you will be framed by the villain and you will suffer a loss.

Dreaming of your father’s broken leg indicates that your wish is about to come, but waiting will be of no avail. You must strive for it. An adult dreamed of his father’s broken leg, and the throat may become irritated. The body is beginning to get fat, pay attention to the light diet.

Graduates dream that their father’s broken leg indicates job hunting. They are generally lucky in job hunting. They are affected by the holiday. They are often on the sidelines. However, they are often very accurate when they have the right opportunity.