What is the meaning and symbol of marriage in the dream?

The meaning of marrying dreams, marrying dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanations of marrying dreams to help you sort out below.

If there is a woman married in the dream, the Lord will break the family.

The dream of an unmarried woman getting married indicates that she is eager to get married.

Married women marrying in a dream means that they are not satisfied with the current marital status.

An unmarried woman dreams of marrying herself in the dream. This dream may imply that the dreamer will meet her favorite “Prince Charming” in the near future, and the dreamer’s favorite Prince Charming is also very likely to like the dreamer. It is recommended to dream People who take the initiative to attack, people often say: “Men chase women, separated by the mountain; women chase men, interlayer yarn.” Girls actively pursue the easier to achieve success, I wish dreamers can get real happiness.

A married woman dreams of marrying herself. This dream may mean that the dreamer is not satisfied with her current marital status. It may be because the dreamer’s current marriage is not as good as she imagined. It reminds the dreamer that life Nine out of ten unsatisfactory people, in real life, it is impossible for everything to go according to your heart. The happiness of your emotional life requires the joint efforts of the dreamer and your lover. As long as both parties can respect and cherish each other, Can create a happy and fulfilling relationship life.

In the dream, someone in your family gets married. This dream often indicates that there will be happy events in the dreamer’s home in the near future. For example, someone in the family will get married or have a birthday. It is a good sign of auspiciousness. At the same time, people often say Happy events have a refreshing spirit.” Happy events happen at home, which is also very helpful to your physical and mental health.