The Meaning of mutilation in Dreams

Dreaming that someone is cutting their limbs, friends or assistants are dead.

Dreaming that someone is cutting their limbs and dying on behalf of your friends or assistants.

Dreaming that the leg is broken, indicating that you lack self-confidence and courage, no sense of responsibility, fear of taking responsibility, and lack of independence in behavior.

Dreaming that someone else’s leg is broken, indicating that there will be a chance to travel in the near future, or that you can go to play, it is a good sign.

I dreamed that my loved ones had broken legs, indicating that life is very easy. No matter how much energy is spent in life or work, it will have a good effect.

I dreamed that my brother’s leg was broken, indicating that you might lose money recently. I suggest that you should be especially careful when you go out.

Dreaming of a broken friend’s leg, indicating that you will go out to play, you can take this opportunity to relax.

Dreaming that the calf is broken, it indicates that some new things will be tried recently, but the heart will feel uneasy, but it will be good news or good advice from friends and relatives who are far away from friends or friends.

Dreaming that the arm is broken, indicating that the recent friend is not good, it will be a bad omen to lose the help of friends when encountering danger.

Dreaming that your arm is broken, it indicates that you are confused by your long-term work pressure. I suggest you take the time to cultivate at home and arrange some relaxing family activities to help you have a good day.

Dreaming that someone else’s arm is broken, indicating that the fortune is unsatisfactory, the activities to be carried out or scheduled will not be carried out because of a team’s reasons, and you should also be careful of those friends who have leaked your secrets.

Dreaming of an unexpected arm is a sign that you may be demoted because of work mistakes, and you will be in trouble. At the same time, you will suffer corresponding losses in the economy.

Dreaming that the right arm is broken, indicating that the family will encounter a sudden situation, I suggest you take time to accompany and take care of your family.

The businessman dreamed that his arm was broken, indicating that his business would lose his partner and the money might not be as good.

The office family dreams of an broken arm, indicating that you have been hit hard in your career or economy recently. The past efforts will also put things into practice and be mentally prepared.