What is the meaning and symbol of being pregnant in the dream?

The meaning of your own pregnancy dreams, your own pregnancy dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of your own pregnancy dreams organized for you below.

There are several possibilities for your own pregnancy in the dream. You can judge according to your real life situation. First, this dream may be a reflection of real life, because your dream is to have a child with someone you like, so it can be analyzed as It is temporarily impossible to have children with him due to practical reasons. This is to compensate for the desire to be with him. In addition, if there is a subconscious fear of pregnancy, the fear of pregnancy can also cause such dreams. If you analyze it from the perspective of prophecy, dreaming of pregnancy is a good omen, good luck, it can predict the happiness of life, the increase of material wealth, and the potential ability to be used.

A single girl who has not been in love dreams of getting pregnant by herself. This is usually an emotional dream. If the dream is happy, warm and romantic, it shows that you really want a beautiful and happy love. While admiring others, you subconsciously There is the idea of ​​”If I am like this, it would be great”, so this desire is reflected in the dream, hoping that a man can give himself a warm home, give himself happiness, and make himself enjoy being a woman If the dream is distressed, it means that you may be bored because of the unfulfilled idea or the recent troubles.

Girls in love dream of getting pregnant by themselves. If the dream is happy, it is likely that you are satisfied with your recent happy life. The satisfaction of women in love with love will prompt them to constantly think of marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth. Life also gives them beautiful visions; if they worry about their pregnancy, they are dissatisfied with their current lifestyle or relationships. The pregnancy at this time is equivalent to an accident, which makes you feel unexpected. It appears when it’s time to appear, and it makes you feel unprepared, can’t accept it, and naturally there will be troubles and pressure.

Married unborn women dream of getting pregnant by themselves. As long as they like the feeling in the dream, they basically expect to have a child. Especially those with fertility disorders are more common. If there is fear in the dream, it means that the woman does not expect to have a child for the time being. This kind of dream belongs to the most common dream of the DINK family.

A pregnant woman dreams of getting pregnant by herself. This is obviously because you hope that you and the baby in your belly can be safe and healthy, and you can give birth to a smart, healthy, lively and lovely baby in the future.

Women who have children dream of getting pregnant by themselves. Generally, there are two solutions: one is that the family is very happy at present, and the other is just the opposite. It is likely that the husband’s negligence towards his wife has caused the wife’s inner desire to return to her newly married woman. In the sweet period, nostalgia for the happy psychology of newlyweds.

The dream of a man or an elderly person may be related to the birth of a child in reality, but on the other hand, it will also convey some of their own wishes. For example, an elderly woman gave birth to a boy in her dream and was very happy. In real life, her daughter is preparing to have a baby in the hospital. This dream seems to be related to her daughter’s giving birth, but it also expresses a dream of the dreamer himself.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: If you dream of being pregnant, it mostly implies that you must go through a long waiting time to complete a plan. You discover new potential or character. Dreaming that you are pregnant is not because you are really pregnant in real life, but it may imply that there is such a situation around you.

Psychoanalysis: If you dream of being pregnant, it means you can clearly see your own abilities or characteristics.

Spiritual symbol: There is always a period of gestation in spiritual activities. Patience is needed here, and we must wait patiently for the end of this period.

Case analysis of own pregnancy in dream

[Dream Case 1]

Dream description: Ms. Zhang, 28 years old, married but not pregnant. One day, I was pregnant in my dream, and I was very happy in my dream. Because she is usually a friend and lives nearby, she happily found me and chatted with me about her dreams. Because I know that the reason she said before was because of the blockage of her lover’s vas deferens, which has not been cured yet. So, when she talked about her dreams with great interest, then she clutched her belly and said, “I can feel the belly moving.”, the joy was expressed.

Dream analysis: But I was not happy when I heard this. I immediately suggested that she go to the drugstore to buy a test strip. After the test, there were no two lines. She hesitated, and she really felt her stomach moving. After excluding general bowel movements, I strongly recommend her to go to the hospital for a check. She trusted me very much, so she went. The result was terrible. It turned out to be an intestinal obstruction. The main feature in this dream is because she felt the so-called fetal movement (normally felt after 4 months of pregnancy). She was not pregnant after the test, and normal intestinal peristalsis was ruled out. Therefore, this symptom must be belly There is a problem in it. In view of the eagerness to think about pregnancy, the diseased peristalsis is regarded as a fetal movement and the dream of pregnancy is formed in the dream.

[Dream Case 2]

Dream description: Zhang Yang, 35 years old, married and gave birth to a daughter. In my dream, I was pregnant. My husband and mother-in-law were very happy and took a lot of supplements to nourish her. During the conversation, I learned that she was actually on the ring and could not get pregnant, but she saw many families with two children, and she was very envious. She especially liked watching “Family Have Children”. She liked children very much and her husband was a civil servant.

Dream analysis: This dream is very simple. It belongs to the day you think and the night you dream. Because of the relationship between the lover, it is impossible to have a super child, but the love for the child and the hope that the child will have a more companion led to this dream. Married and unborn women are pregnant in their dreams. As long as they like the feeling in the dream, they basically expect to have a child. Especially those with fertility disorders are more common. If there is fear in the dream, it means that the woman does not expect to have this child, which is a common dream of the DINK family.