What is the meaning and symbol of wife cheating in the dream?

The meaning of the dream of wife derailment, the dream of wife derailment has realistic effects and reactions, and also has the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the wife’s derailment dream below for you.

In the dream, the wife cheated, auspicious, and the relationship between husband and wife will get better.

The dream of a wife making love with someone else indicates that the dreamer loves his wife very much, but if he loves too deeply, he wants to keep his wife under his control at all times. The main reason is that his desire to control is too strong. There is no special sign, that is It implies that the relationship between the dreamer and his wife has always been very good. After all, he really loves his wife, and the wife can feel his sincere love, but the dreamer needs to change some bad practices in the past and should completely trust his wife , To increase mutual emotional communication more, husband and wife must live together for a lifetime.

In the dream, the wife is cheating and is still having sex. Remind the dreamer that he should review himself first, because it may be that his love is too selfish and narrow. He does not want his wife to contact friends of the opposite sex, or even want his wife to talk to the opposite sex. , This kind of love does not start from sincerely caring about the happiness of the wife, but starts from satisfying one’s own “possessive desire”. This kind of love has gone a wrong way. It is a kind of spiritual bondage and is not conducive to the cultivation of real relationships between husband and wife. Emotional indicates that there is a lack of real thought exchange between husband and wife. This is always the case, which will greatly increase the psychological burden, and you will feel very tired, and it will also affect the relationship between husband and wife.

Witnessing his wife committing adultery with an acquaintance in a dream means that the dreamer is extremely dissatisfied with the real life situation. It may be that the married life is not as good as expected, and he will often quarrel about some trivial things, leading to his own marriage life. There is not much confidence to remind the dreamer that as a man, he should be more open-minded. There is no need to care about with his wife. After all, women sometimes play small tempers. If they need a man to coax, they will be very happy.

After quarreling, the dream of his wife making love to others indicates that the dreamer deeply felt self-blame for his reckless behavior, and also worried about leaving a bad influence on his wife, reminding the dreamer to be good in daily life Control your emotions and don’t get angry, especially towards your dear ones.

In the dream, the wife and the relatives are doing antagonistic things together, and I am very upset when I run into it. It shows that the dreamer is not 100% assured of the wife. It may be caused by the relatives’ special concern for the wife. You should communicate with your wife frequently. Understand that family life will be better in this way. Distrust is the biggest fatal injury to the relationship. Many marriages are lost here.

In the dream, the wife sleeps with other men. Maybe it is because there have been more trivial matters between the husband and wife recently, or because she feels that her wife is not close enough to herself recently, she feels a little uncomfortable, has something in her heart, and lacks timely communication with her wife.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The derailment of the wife in the dream often symbolizes emotional neglect, or implies that the dreamer’s beloved person puts more energy into work and preferences than paying attention to himself.

Psychological analysis: This kind of dream generally means that the dreamer loves his family and the other party deep in his heart, but is afraid that the other party will have an “affair” to destroy the harmony of the family, and hope that the other party can love himself wholeheartedly; this kind of dream also reminds the dreamer You should communicate with your wife more, get to know her more, and let your wife understand your needs, so that the relationship between husband and wife will get better and better.