What is the meaning and symbol of abandoning in the dream?

The meaning of abandoning dreams. Abandoning dreams has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of abandoning dreams to help you sort out below.

Abandon it in a dream, and symbolize it will get.

Abandoning things in a dream indicates that you will gain something in real life.

Emotionally, if unmarried men and women in love abandon their lovers in their dreams, it often indicates that they will get married.

If the husband abandons his wife in the dream, it indicates that the relationship is harmonious and will be more affectionate.

Abandoned in the dream, foreshadowing from the difficult situation.

Abandoned by a friend in a dream implies that you may encounter difficulties in life and need to seek help from a friend.

Dreaming that someone else is throwing something in your dream means that you will receive very important news.

Original version

Abandoned by others, there are gains. “”

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Abandoning means no longer caring about people or things, and being free from worries. Therefore, to abandon is to get, and it is not something that is abandoned, but the heart that has a heart for that thing. The things abandoned by oneself in the dream will be obtained. In terms of interpersonal relations, the actual rejection is the contradiction and suspicion between the two parties.

Psychological analysis: The husband abandoned his wife in his dream, indicating that their love will be deeper. Engaged young men and women abandon their beloved in their dreams, which means that the relationship between the two parties has matured, which is a sign that they are about to get married.

Abandoned by a friend in a dream, life may be in trouble.

A case study of jealousy in a dream

Dream description: Xiaoyun dreams at night, abandoned by his friends in the dream, and it is ungrateful. She cried all night, then called her parents, but she couldn’t get through, and she couldn’t dial the number correctly. After waking up, she thought about it, this number actually belongs to a friend.

Dream analysis: Dream is the most primitive place deep in the soul, it is not controlled by human desire. Abandoned by a friend in the dream may mean that the past lifestyle has changed. The past lifestyle may not be very good, but the dreamer misses it very much. At the same time, it also indicates that the dreamer is not familiar with the changed environment, perhaps because of lack of experience. , So you must see the surroundings clearly and understand the environment so that you won’t feel confused anymore. It may be feelings that change the dreamer’s life, or for long-term plans in the future. This dream is still a good dream. In reality, it shows that the dreamer has determined his choice.