The meaning and symbol of stomach ache in dreams

The meaning of stomach ache dreams, stomach ache dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of stomach ache dreams to help you sort out below.

To dream of a stomachache symbolizes that disaster is imminent.

A married woman dreams of stomach ache, symbolizing pregnancy.

A pregnant woman dreams of a stomachache, which may cause problems during childbirth.

To dream that your stomach is swollen is a good omen of getting rich, which means that the dreamer has got what he likes, which exceeds the limit of daily needs;

To dream of eating an indigestible diet and uncomfortable stomach means that the dreamer has endless money to spend, and it also reminds the dreamer not to overeating in his daily diet;

Married women dream of a swollen belly, indicating that the dreamer may soon have a child;

An unmarried woman dreams of a swollen belly means that the dreamer is going to marry a rich family;

To dream that you were cut across your belly with a knife means that the dreamer will get what he wants, everything goes well, and he will receive good news.