What Do Corpse transport Symbolize in Dreams and How to Interpret the Meaning

Dreaming of the smugglers, indicating that the enemy will continue to smash your integrity and honesty, which makes you very disgusted. Or it indicates that you will offend some respectable social celebrities, so friends will also turn against you.

Dreaming of sorrow, foretelling sadness and misfortune.

Dreaming of picking up the robes on the body, indicating that there is no suspense, and soon the death of the person you love, you will mourn for it.

Dreaming of a shroud, indicating that the nasty disease will go to visit with distress and anxiety, you can’t do it, make it worse; or suggest some evil plans envisioned by some false friends. After this dream, your career will go downhill.

Dreaming of wrapping a corpse in a shroud is a harbinger of bad luck.

Dreaming of taking the shroud on the body, indicating that you will have a dispute with your loved ones or friends, causing alienation between each other.

Dreaming of buying shrouds for others indicates that there will be conflicts with people.

Dreaming of wearing a shroud indicates that there will be minor troubles in life.

I dreamed that I would hold my body, which means that good things will continue, and good luck, especially for wealth, will have a great harvest. If the body smells bad, the cause will be more prosperous.

Dreaming of hiding a body, usually because of real life, there is a secret to be exposed, or a trouble that is difficult to get rid of, and whether it is secret or trouble, they are full of lethality, enough to make you like the world Like a suspect, full of anxiety and fear.

Dreaming that you are holding a donkey, it means that in the near future you are likely to suffer the embarrassment of others, and also very willing to be deceived and let you find you cheap.

Dreaming of a headless body means that your relationship in life is not very good, and it will be crowded out by others, which will make you dilemma. At this time, be careful about your situation.

Dreaming of a corpse in the open coffin, it means good things, the fruit you have managed before will have a very good result recently, and you are very satisfied.

I dreamt that the body in the coffin is only left with bones, which means that you or your deeds will be reported by the news media, making you happy.

Dreaming that the body has blood, then it means that your words and deeds or achievements touched everyone, but I suggest you not to be too proud, because the pride of the soldiers must be defeated, should maintain a peace of mind.