The meaning and symbol of ivory in dream

The meaning of ivory dreams. Dreaming of ivory has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming ivory for you to organize below.

Dreaming of ivory indicates that there will be good luck, a successful career and a happy life.

The man dreamed of the whole ivory, he had to pay luck.

The woman dreams of the whole ivory, and it also indicates that you may add new jewelry.

Dreaming of a broken or half-cut ivory will be doomed.

Dreaming of broken ivory, or half-cut ivory, implies that you may suffer setbacks. Pregnant women have such dreams to beware of miscarriage.

Businessmen dream of long ivory, which indicates that they can make a fortune.

Dreaming of ivory products implies that you may have children to marry.

Dreaming of doing ivory trading, it indicates that you will be poor, and will be hard at work.

Women dream of wearing ivory bracelets, famine will happen in their hometown.

Dreamed of making ivory sculptures, going abroad by boat.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream description: Ivory symbolizes happiness and longevity.

Psychological analysis: I dream of doing ivory business and want to get rich. Women dream of wearing ivory bracelets, a disaster may occur in their hometown. I dreamt of making ivory carvings and going abroad by boat. The man dreamed of the whole ivory and had to pay good luck. The woman dreams of the entire tooth and wants to buy new jewelry. Dreaming of broken or half-cut tusks may be doomed. Pregnant women dream of broken or half tusks, and the child may have a miscarriage. The businessman dreamed that a long ivory could make a lot of money. When dreaming of ivory products, children must become married. I dreamed of doing ivory trading, and I would be homeless.

Case analysis of dreaming about ivory

Dream description: There was a young man who dreamed that he and some people were climbing a mountain. After climbing to an open space, he looked up and saw a huge whole ivory. The ivory is very large, standing on the mountain, it feels as high as dozens of meters. Later, he discovered that the ivory was set in a transparent crystal cover, which was very beautiful.

Dreamland analysis: This dream is a lucky dream. Mountain climbing represents challenges in life and work, and the process of conquering difficulties. The transparent cover has huge whole elephant tusks, which can be understood as the dreamer’s fantasy or ideal. People often use ivory towers to describe beautiful ideas that are far away from reality. When the dreamer passes this elephant tooth, it can be understood as recognizing the extent to which his inner ideals affect his progress, indicating that the dreamer ’s emotions are trapped in the original thought Progress in work. But dreaming of ivory means that in the end the dreamer will recognize the limitations, change the approach, and succeed.