Dream Case Study of Tianluo

Dreaming that Tianluo and Luoluo are blessings.

I dreamed that I was picking field snails and screws in the water, indicating that the income would increase and there would be wealth.

I dreamed that I was eating snails, indicating that there might be a small tadpole in the body, and I should pay attention to rest.

Zhou Gong interpreted his dream and said, “Luo Shisheng is disadvantageous to go abroad.”

A snail is a snail, a kind of snail. Guangxi Liuzhou has a famous snack snail lion powder, which is made with snail lion meat and other, especially delicious. The snail said by Zhou Gong: It may be a gynecological term. One of five women. According to “Minutes of Guangxi; Selection and Matching”: “The shade of the yin is like a snail, which is screwed in.” It is a genital malformation that affects sexual intercourse and fertility. The dreamer is a sexual dream. If it is a male, it is likely that the dreamer is an impotence patient. His dream is not that he cannot enter the woman’s body, but the woman’s genital deformity. If the dreamer is female, it is sexual dissatisfaction.