Dream Case Study of Wasp

Dream of a wasp and warn you to immediately interrupt your relationship with someone. Dreaming this means that you may have been very clear in your heart that once your relationship with him or her is discovered, it will seriously harm your future. There may also be many people who have always opposed you, and you have made many enemies. You must always review your mistakes carefully and avoid giving your adversaries a chance.

I dreamed of being stung by a bumblebee, indicating that what you are currently doing will be successful, but you must be careful of people who are hostile to you. When a woman dreams like this, she may become pregnant.

I dreamed of catching wasps, which meant you could defeat your opponents. Dreaming of killing the Hornets, the difficult situation is about to end.

I dreamed that killing the Hornets meant that all the trouble was gone.

I dreamed that the wasp was building a nest under the eaves, indicating that you may have doubts about yourself in your subconscious. In this dream, the eaves symbolizes your final destination, and may also indicate the difficulties you have encountered in self-improvement.

I dreamed of a wasp, indicating that many people were against him.