What is the meaning and symbol of secret love in dreams?

The meaning of secret love dreams, secret love dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the secret love dreams to help you organize below.

Dreaming that you have a crush on someone else indicates that your future luck will decline and you will easily conflict with others.

Dreaming that others fall in love with yourself in secret indicates that you will have a big improvement in your interpersonal relationship or work in the future, but you must pay attention to avoid friction with others.

The girl you like in the dream begins to accept herself, which indicates that she has a bad impression of you.

The boy he likes in his dream starts to like himself, indicating that he doesn’t have much feeling for you.

If you have a crush in your dream, kissing each other in your dream, or interacting like a lover, it means that you and him have little chance of becoming lovers.

In the dream, you can only look at the other person from a distance, indicating that you and him actually have problems communicating.

Seeing the other person away from you in your dream means that you and him actually have a chance to develop, but you often miss opportunities.

Case analysis of secret love in dreams

In my dream, the boy I have always had a crush on. In my home, I naturally asked to have sex with him. Then we sat on the sofa. I saw his sexual organs. He was rubbing the potion on it. He refused. In accordance with my wishes, I also said that it is not possible now. What does this dream indicate? Will my relationship with him develop? Thank you!

Dream analysis: hello Xiaoyun, thinking day by day and dreaming at night, it is normal for a boy to dream of a crush. This dream reflects your desire for sex and a strong desire to have intimate contact with him. It does not mean that it indicates anything.

For women, the genitals in the dream may indicate menstruation or a desire to become pregnant. Rubbing the potion represents the estrangement between you and him, and rejecting you does not mean that he will really reject you in reality. It’s just your wishful thinking. So, if you like him, say it out loud 🙂