The meaning and symbol of Knocker in dream

The meaning of the door knocker dream. Dreaming about the door knocker has the influence and reaction of reality, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about the door knocker.  

   Dreaming of the door knocker indicates that I have no opinion and I must find someone to make an idea.

   Dreaming of the door knocker and door latch means that you have no opinion in your heart and you must find someone to make an idea. Dreaming of a door bolt means that someone will ask you for help. If the door bolt is broken, it means that you are not satisfied with what your friend has done. It also means that you may be sick or that there will be a thief in front of your house.

   To dream of someone knocking on the door usually symbolizes wealth or opportunity to come to the door. You must be cautious.

   To dream of knocking on the door reminds you to make friends carefully, so as not to get involved in troubles by friends who act rashly and irresponsibly.

   To dream of coming in through the open door, can control the commercial market.

   To dream of a closed door makes you encounter difficulties.

   Dreaming of an iron gate, I will struggle for survival.

   To dream of heavily armed soldiers guarding the gate, will seek employment in the military department.

   I dreamed that I was about to enter the gate, but I was stopped by the guard.

   A pregnant woman dreamed of entering the gate unimpeded, which means that the childbirth went smoothly and gave birth to a boy.