The meaning and symbol of Signal light in dream

The meaning of the dream of the signal light, the dream of the signal light has the influence and reaction of reality, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream signal light below to help you organize it.

   The signal light in the dream is a symbol of success and emotion.

   A man dreams of a signal light, indicating that he is going all the way on the road of life.

   A woman dreams of a signal light, indicating that someone will be with you for life on the road of life.

   In a person’s life, it is a great blessing in life to have a lifelong emotion.

   The seafarer dreamed of a signal light, indicating a calm sea and a successful trip. For those in misfortune, will feel the continuous enthusiasm from young people. For patients, it indicates a quick recovery and lasting health. The career will gain new momentum. If you dream that the signal light goes out during a storm or disaster, it means that when you think that luck is what you want, the situation is just the opposite.

   Dreaming of the green light indicates that everything goes smoothly and the planned golf is implemented smoothly.

   When a man dreams of a green light, or when the light at an intersection changes, the green light is on, which means that his career is developing smoothly and unimpeded.

   A woman dreams of a green light, which means her love is good, her marriage is harmonious and her family is warm.

   To dream that the green light is broken or off, implies that you will encounter temporary setbacks. Be cautious and overcome difficulties smoothly.

   Dreaming of a red light means that there will be short-term obstacles in the progress of career or relationship, or there will be problems with the current plan. This dream also reminds you that there are potential dangers ahead, so be careful.