The meaning and symbol of pesticide in dream

The meaning of pesticide dreams. Dreaming of pesticides has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of pesticides below to help you sort out.  

   Dreaming about pesticides indicates that all sorrow and anxiety will disappear.

   Farmers dream of pesticides, which indicates that the crops will be harvested.

   To dream of poison, all sorrow and anxiety will disappear.

   The doctor dreamed of poison and his income would continue to increase.

  The drug seller dreams of poison, and the customer will keep coming.

   A man dreams of poison and wants to lose his job.

   A woman dreams of taking poison, she will break her family and die.

   The unemployed dream of taking drugs and will soon find a job.

   The staff member dreamed of taking poison, because they did not increase their salary and suffered heavy losses, they might be fired.

   But if the patient dreams of taking poison, his health will go from bad to worse.

   The prisoner dreamed of taking poison and would soon be released from prison.

   To dream of giving poison to strangers, beware of duplicity friends.

   Dreaming of giving the best poison to you will be praised by people.

   To dream of giving poison to his wife, the husband and wife live happily and grow old together.

   A woman dreams of giving her husband poison means that her husband is strong and will live longer than Nanshan.

   To dream of giving poison to one’s relatives can inherit an inheritance.

   To dream of giving poison to a senior official will be liked by the official and can be promoted and paid.

   To dream of others giving oneself poison is auspicious, the dreamer is healthy and prolongs life.