The Meaning of Smooth body in Dreams

Dreaming that your body is smooth and clean means that you are in a good mood, have no other troubles, and are physically and mentally healthy.

Dreaming of delicate and smooth skin, suggesting that love is easy, life is easy, and may also express a desire for perfection.

The body in a dream is a manifestation of many aspects such as living conditions, money, friendship, and love.

Dreaming about the female body means that it is very popular in dealing with people.

Dreaming of a man’s body indicates that the career will achieve results.

Dreaming that the skin is white, it means that you have an artistic talent.

Men dream of whitening their skin, reminding you to be careful because your sissy obstructs your career and future.

The woman dreams of whitening the skin, suggesting that you will encounter a love, and if it is a married woman, be careful with extramarital affairs.

Dreaming of long spots on the skin, indicating that the emotional life may have some unsatisfactory, or feel your own shortcomings, bother you.

Dreaming of skin peeling may indicate a period of stress or need to bear stress alone, but will soon have a circle of friends.

Dreaming that the skin is tanned, it means that people may feel pressure in the subconscious, and there is always worry in the heart, afraid to lose the attention or favor of others.