The meaning and symbol of Military weapon in dream

The meaning of military dreams, dreams of military weapons have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dreamed military weapons organized for you below.

   Soldiers dreamed of the banner weapons in the city, foreshadowing the war in Bianguan.

   Ordinary people dreamed of the flag-armed weapons in the city, indicating that the house was restless.

   Dreaming about making weapons and firearms indicates that the work is powerful and can be let go.

   Dreaming about weapons is sometimes symbolic.

  Women dream of a man attacking her with a weapon often represents a man’s sexual desire for her. In dreams, when a woman sees a man rushing over with a knife and a gun, she is often frightened to run away, but in fact these dreamers need men to treat her with a more active and aggressive attitude. What the dreamer really fears is the desire in her own heart: hope to be conquered by men, and hope that men possess her sexually.

   Men dream of weapons sometimes being representative, especially when the adversary in the dream is a woman. But at other times, it represents attack, hostility, anger, but most of the time the victim of the attack and the attacker are yourself and different parts of your mind. Sometimes weapons are used in self-defense to fight terrible enemies, which often means that your life is too tense and anxious.