The meaning and symbol of Crystal in dream

The meaning of crystal dreams. Dreaming about crystals has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming crystals for you to sort out below.

  The appearance of crystals Crystals can be divided into four categories according to their structural particles and different forces: ionic crystals, atomic crystals, molecular crystals and metal crystals. Solids can be divided into three categories: crystalline, amorphous and quasi-crystalline. A solid substance with a regular and regular geometric shape, a fixed melting point and an anisotropy is a basic form of substance existence. Whether a solid substance is a crystal is generally identified by X-ray diffraction. The crystal in the dream represents misfortune, and the failure of many things is likely to lose oneself.

   Dreaming of crystals of any form or shape is unlucky, and your social interaction or business will be frustrating. Often after this dream, lightning storms may hit towns and villages, causing great casualties and property damage.

  If a woman dreams of a restaurant decorated with crystals, even the chairs are crystals, it means that she will have reason to believe that the people she once admired will no longer be trustworthy. But if she finds that there are others in the crystal-decorated room, it means that they are also related to this unlucky dream.

   Dreaming about crystals, such as salt, ice, sugar, etc., indicates that unfortunate things are coming, such as social failure, business failure, or family entanglement, work mistakes, etc., which makes you very confused.

  Dream to crystal crystallization, indicating that the dreamer realizes the developing power in himself;

  Women dream of seeing others give themselves crystal jewelry, symbolizing that dreamers will get intimate lovers;

  Dreaming that he gave crystal products to others, indicating that the dreamer might have an affair;

  If you dream of losing the crystal, it indicates the destruction of good wishes.